About Us

 The Network North Collaborative

will endeavor to bring the community together to identify strengths and weaknesses and to define community needs.  We will work towards viable solutions for a strong and vibrant future for our municipality through a collaborative model.

A collaborative is a means of coming together to examine efficient ways to solve existing and emerging problems and to plan for the future.

Who we are

  • We are members of the community, organization leaders, educators and businesses.
  • We strive to promote community engagement for the betterment of our municipality.
  • We will identify strengths in our community and identify needs and then work towards viable solutions.

What we do

  • We facilitate round table discussions to create an action plan of change for our communities and municipality.
  • We assist in the facilitation of identified goals.
  • We develop solutions to lead to social change in our communities
  • We work towards improving quality of life and create a sense of community in our neighborhoods

 Partners list

  • United Way of York Region
  • Character Community Foundation of York Region
  • Neighbourhood Network
  • Town of East Gwillimbury


The Network North Collaborative is an emerging broad based multi-sector collaborative, which will focus on building community capacity and strengthen social infrastructure in East Gwillimbury. This community-wide collaborative will address pertinent and relevant issues affecting our municipality and work towards viable solutions that align with Network North’s vision, mission and goals. This collaborative will foster community growth and development through round table discussions, strategic planning, asset mapping, special projects and offer support and learning opportunities as needs are identified by the community

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